Bridge & Control Consoles – Integrated Brigde Systems

Bridge & Control Consoles – Integrated Brigde Systems

Bulutlu Marine produces a large number of customized consoles for various marine applications. Each consele is designed according to requirements of customers, taking into account the best ergonomics, space limitations and interfaces. 

• Bridge Consoles 
• Fishing Consoles 
• Engine Control Room Consoles 
• Cargo Control Room Consoles 

Integrated Brigde Systems

Modern, elegant and unique – integrated bridge systems (IBS) and individual bridge design for a uniform look & feel on your bridge. 

The NORISYS 4 automation platform not only offers components for remote control and monitoring, but also control and display panles for a modern, timeless and uniform bridge design. The modular system provides flexibility and a space-saving, ergonomic design, whilst making your bridge a special and attractive place to be. The Automation platform offers all the interfaces you will need to integrate systems from your technology partners (navigation, engine monitoring, lighting, horn control, etc.)