ERVOR, is the leading French manufacturer of standard & custom-made packages for air starting system for combustion engines. ERVOR was founded in 1945, providing Air Starting Compressors to Flatbed River Boats, back then one of the main means of transportation for materials used to rebuild Europe after WWII. Ever since, ERVOR remained dedicated to design manufacture and supply air starting compressors and systems to the French marine industry, outfitting military and commercial ships alike. Today, more than a dozen navies around the world uses ERVOR Air Starting Solution and we remain a significant player in the air starting market.
ERVOR exports 90% of its production to countries such as: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Algeria, China, Singapore, Chile, India, USA, Australia, Kazakhstan EEC…We are a family owned company based in Argenteuil near Paris and the last independent French manufacturer of Air compressors and compressed air solutions.