SK Engineering is a company founded and located in the north of Germany. Our fields of competence are based on twenty-five years of experience in mechanical engineering, mechanical-electrical products and systems as well as several projects in different industries and applications.
Marine Nitrogen Generation Systems
System Design and Application

Nitrogen Generation Systems are available for:
• Chemical and Product Tankers (seagoing vessels)
• Other Tankers (e.g. Inland tankers)
• Controlled Atmosphere applications (e.g. Reefer ships)

Systems for other applications are available on request:
• LNG Gas Carrier
• Platform Supply Vessels
• Ballast Water Treatment
• Void Space Inerting
• Other marine and offshore applications

All systems or components might be adapted to new build or retrofitting projects. If required our systems will be "built to order". Thus we receive best results in space requirement and system performance based on customer's specification and demand.
Scope of Delivery
• Nitrogen Generators (units without compressors)
• NitroGenSets (Nitrogen Generation Systems, complete sets, including compressors)
• Flat type sets (all components mounted on skid e.g. 20 ft flat)
• Fully containerised sets (e.g. in 40 ft HC steel floor container)
• Nitrogen Receiver Tanks/ Air Receivers
• N2 Booster compressors
• N2 Bottle racks
• Components (Valves, Automation, Sensors and Transmitters e.g.)
• Services for Nitrogen Generation Systems
Nitrogen Generation System Technology
• Membrane Technology
• PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) Technology
Compressed Air Technology
• Oil-injected screw type compressors
• Oil-free screw type compressors
• Other compressors depending on project requirements
Technical Data
- Nitrogen Production Capacity: max. 10.000 mN3/h at 92-99,999 % Vol.
- Nitrogen Pressure: max. 12 bar g
- Cooling technology (for compressors and air treatment:
• Fresh Water (max. 38°C)
• Sea Water (max. 32 °C)
• Air cooling (max. 50° C)