Expert of marine-vehicle dynamics since 1986, SIREHNA now brings together some sixty employees in advanced research and offers its multi-domain knowledge in naval hydrodynamics, control-command systems, experimental technologies, multi-criteria optimization and power processes.

Sirehna is present in France and worldwide and offers complete product solutions for controlling surface vessel and submarine movement and trajectory and marine robotics. Its products continuously benefit from the advances in technology research to deliver the best possible response to the customer's needs. Relying on development-cycle control, the different product lines respond to the requirements of marine standards.

SIREHNA's customer references based on both the civil and military markets, demonstrate the capacity to address the most complex problems and respond to the economic constraints imposed by our customers. Amongst the most emblematic of these is the Rudder-roll stabilization system for FREMM Frigates, the stabilization system for the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier and the sale of dynamic positioning systems to the recreational yachting sector or the offshore oil industry.

Relying on a wide range of cutting-edge scientific calculation tools, SIREHNA has a high capacity for numerical simulation in the domain of fluid mechanics and naval hydrodynamics. SIREHNA is a specialist of hydrodynamic testing and also offers a wide range of hydrodynamic testing services both in simulation tanks and on external sites.

SIREHNA has also been involved in numerous collaborative projects, principally international, for over 20 years. These technological research programs form the building blocks of the tools and products of tomorrow.