Durapipe UK is a leading manufacturer of high performance, thermoplastic pipework systems. With 60 years of experience, our portfolio of products are widely used around the World for many different applications.
Whether it be pressure pipework for the conveyance of different media such as water, fuel or more aggressive fluids or specialist drainage pipework, the solution will be found within the Durapipe range.
-Superflo ABS
Durapipe SuperFLO ABS for low temperature fluid transportation.
Durapipe SuperFLO ABS combines corrosion resistance, toughness
and economic benefits to provide tremendous advantages for low
temperature fluid transportation.
Durapipe Air-Line Xtra is a lightweight, non-corrodible
compressed air distribution system from Durapipe pipe systems.
Durapipe Air-Line Xtra offers a wider field of applications and
additional benefits
-PLX fuel pipe
Durapipe PLX is a complete range of dedicated fusion-welded
pipework systems for the safe transfer of liquid fuels and their
vapours. Suitable for use with leaded, unleaded petroleum,
including ethanol rich alternative fuels (E85), diesel, bio-diesel
and fuel oils.