Bulutlu Marine was established in 2014, and has been growing rapidly, providing Marine Industry with top quality equipment and services thanks to its reputable principals and experienced team.

Bulutlu Marine is involved in following activities;

• Production of marine electrical systems, main switchboards, distribution boards, starter cabinets, drive cabinets, consoles, propulsion control systems, integrated alarm monitoring and control systems.

• Representation of well-known international equipment manufacturers in the territory of Turkey, Russia, Black Sea and Caspian Sea.

• Service, repair and troubleshooting for marine equipment, electrical systems, control systems and marine propulsion systems worldwide.

• Consultancy, project management and supervision services for new-building projects worldwide.



AP-Marine GmbH offers ship door systems with electric, pneumatic and hydraulic drives. The highest quality standards are applied to all our doors, and we use only top-quality materials.

All products comply with international shipping equipment guidelines. Seamless quality assurance accompanies every step of the process chain. Once a successful performance test has been completed, the quality certificate is issued.

Our door systems guarantee maximum safety, absolute reliability and unparalleled resistance to influences such as weather, corrosion, water or fire. Get in touch for more details.

A60 & B15 Sliding Fire Doors

Light weight sliding and hinged door system

Light weigth and Heavy Duty watertight doors

BALIÑO was created in 1948 as a high quality machining workshop. Since then, the company has worked with important clients,
acquiring knowledge and prestige, and becoming a strategic and reliable supplier for the most recognized manufacturers in Europe.
From the beginning, the company has been related to the shipbuilding industry, but also has developed its activity in important projects
of hydraulic power plants, as well as in any type of industrial project.

BALIÑO has the most advanced means of production, and therefore, the capability to carry out any type of project, regardless of its size.
The continuous technological renewal, together with the experience and know-how acquired during decades, allow BALIÑO to give an accurate and immediate solution to its clients.

Founded in 1914, Christie & Grey have been manufacturing rugged and efficient vibration, noise and shock control solutions for 100 years. The experience and knowledge gained in the field of Vibration and Shock Isolation makes us the perfect partner to offer Technical Support and assistance with product selection for your project.
CMTs mission is to supply our customers with on-line and on-site condition monitoring solutions fitting their needs. Our range of products helps the onsite engineers to base their maintenance and repairs on solid information rather than guesswork.

Who we are?
Established in 2003, CM Technologies has grown into a leading global provider of condition monitoring and testing technology solutions. As an expert in machinery condition monitoring, fuel and lube oil analysis and marine water testing, we pride ourselves on our record of investment and commitment to developing our talented workforce to create innovative technology solutions that make a real difference to our customers' operations.

Who we work with?
Strategic partnerships with leading industry organizations including MAN and Wartsila are testament to our market-leading capability. As a long-time condition monitoring technology provider to these partners, they have come to rely upon CMT's ability to research, develop and manufacture innovative condition monitoring technology solutions that offer consistent results.

What we've achieved?
CM Technologies GmbH, started under the name Kittiwake GmbH, have recorded impressive growth in the last fiscal year. These strong figures were supported by continued growth across our global network, and underpinned by continued and successful product innovation in the area of condition monitoring.
Deck Machinery and Ship Equipments:

We are representing Mariner Ship’s Equipments in Ukraine Russia and Caspian area.

Mariner Deck Machineries are designed in various types and drive systems. The commonly used winches are the electro hydraulic driven and direct marine electric motor driven types. For both drive systems automatic self tension types and remote controlled type winches are includd in Mariner’s scope of delivery.

Different Mariner deck machinery types include; anchor windlass/mooring winches, mooring winches, aft anchor winches, chain stoppers, SPM chain stoppers, vertical capstans, towing winches, tugger winches and positioning winches.

Mariner delivers compact design with sturdy, safe and user friendly ship service cranes.This includes service and provision cranes, free-fall lifeboat cranes and tanker hose cranes. Electro hydraulic drives are commonly used for all types. If required telescopic type cranes, explosion proof executions as well as remote controlled type cranes are also available.

 Mariner rudders are available in many different designs such as; high lift flap types, spade types or other special lines with bulbs and etc.

Mariner delivers well proven, robust, easily operable, easy servicing, 2 cylinder ram type steering gears. It is a compact design gear having 2 hydraulic tanks, 2 electric motors, 2 hydraulic pumps, 2 cylinders, all hydraulic fittings and piping as well as tiller and the carrier bearing all installed on the steering gear. There is no need of external hydraulic piping work on the ship structure, with this design the shipyard only needs to do the electrical cable connections to the mounted electric motors.
Dellner Brakes AB is a Swedish company that develops, manufactures, markets and maintains brake solutions for industrial and marine applications. The company was founded in 1941 by Master of Science Jan Dellner. Since then, we have been a part of the Dellner Group of companies that now has more than 700 employees and production or service offices in every part of the world.
Doen is the leading designer and manufacturer of waterjet propulsion systems focused on offering best of class waterjet products that excel in the harsh operating conditions of the commercial and military marine markets.
Nearly 50 years of ongoing R&D and a solid track record of developing innovative waterjet propulsion solutions puts us in a unique position to partner with designers, boat builders and operators alike to maximise performance, productivity and uptime.
With our extensive range of waterjets matching engine powers up to 6500kW, you can be sure that Doen WaterJets has a product offering to suit your vessel no matter big or small.
For each waterjet model, you would have an array of control options to best suit different application and budget requirements; from simple hydro-mechanical controls to sophisticated.
Emigreen was founded to provide innovative and sustainable exhaust emission reduction solutions for combustion engines.
Emigreen is the leading innovator in the field of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and Diesel Particle Filters (DPF).
In the maritime world, we work with companies that operate inland shipping, coastal and sea going vessels. Retrofit is one of our key activities. We ensure that the ships we deal with are retrofitted in the most efficient and effective way.
Every Emigreen emission control solution is reliable, controllable and effective, however, in the luxury yacht world, aesthetics also play an important role.
With respect to reliability, a luxury yacht can take you to the far corners of the earth, if it is equipped with an Emigreen exhaust solution, it will also bring you back.
Fernstrum set the standard in marine cooling systems over 65 years ago, building a reputation focused on innovation. Today, we continue our commitment to constant improvement ensuring you have quality, reliability, and the latest in cooling technology on your side.
Flender gearboxes: perfectly complemented by numerous standardized options. Our industrial gear units offer the right solution for your application. Digital Services. Technical Support. Reliable. Custom Specific. Universal Solutions. Spare Parts Services.
Full speed ahead!
Consistent industry orientation, leading technology, international production sites, and worldwide service – we put our strengths to work for our customers. Between the engine and the propelling screw there are therefore economically designed drive and system solutions with maximum reliability, minimal maintenance costs, and optimum efficiency.
Under the NAVILUS name, FLENDER offers all types of marine gearboxes with power ratings of up to 50,000 kW.
The shortest lead and delivery time for thermostatic temperature control valves of the highest value. For immediate service, click FPE Thermostatic Control Valve Configurator to build your TCV. Contact us below, price, customize if you like and order, knowing you've just created exponential savings for your company. FPE provides the shortest lead and delivery time, typically 1/4 of any competitor, for the industry's highest quality thermostatic valves at the lowest price.

With the ability to customize thermostatic control valves to your needs and lead free compliance, we can also build your TCV (sometimes referred to as a temperature control valve, thermal control valve, temperature regulating valve, temperature regulator valve, thermo control valve, thermal regulator valve, thermostatic diverting valve, regulator control valve, Amot valve, thermal regulating valve depending or just thermostatic valve depending on industry) to spec and size with additional oil filtration, sensing and piping as well as mixing or diverting valves.

Set at predetermined temperatures from 7 to 126 C (45 to 260 F), Fluid Power Energy thermostatic valves require no adjustment. View FPE Thermostatic Control Valve Model Coding for temperatures and FPE Thermostatic Control Valve Operation Guidelines and Warranty as restrictions may apply. FPE also offers a full line of replacement parts/kits for Fluid Power Energy products as well as AMOT thermostatic control valves and components. More information on Thermostatic Control Valves from FPE.

Spin-Clean. Our full Line of oil cleaning centrifuges.

Spin-Clean is Fluid Power Energy's Oil Filtration System. It reduces engine wear, extends oil drain intervals and filter life to protect and extend engine life by cleaning the oil used in the combustion processes.

The preservation of our environment is an important objective as well, and the Spin-Clean Centrifuge is today's most effective solution for both. Discover Spin-Clean, FPE's Oil Cleaning Filtration System.

Gamesa Gearbox believe that, the value of innovation of GAMESA, always helps to find the optimal solution for you.

GAMESA specialize in the integral management of the gearbox life cycle, from design and manufacturing to commercialization and subsequent extension of useful life through reengineering.

Gamesa Gearbox has a flexible and collaborative, productive and organizational structure that allows you adapt to external changes quickly.

Hydromaster propulsion units are available in a power range of 36 to 850 kW (50 to 1156 hp) and meet the requirements of all major classification societies.

It is our policy to provide the customer with what they need, using smart, cost-effective designs and builds, taking full account of the operating conditions and environment.


Well Mounted Thrusters

Deck Mounted Thrusters

Transom Mounted Thrusters

Steerable Jet Thrusters

Retractable Thrusters

High Speed Thrusters

Side Thrusters
Power And Control Cables

Over fifty years of cable manufacturing – Helkama stands for quality, flexibility and outstanding personal service.

Helkama exports yearly to more than 60 countries all over the world.

In addition to Marine Cables, Helkama manufactures Flexible, Offshore, Optical fibre, Instrumentation and Fire resistant cables. Helkama is also a reliable OEM partner: We manufacture cables in accordance with customer's requirements and specifications. The company has production facilities in Kaarina and Hanko in Finland and in Shanghai in China.

The roots of family-owned Helkama companies go back more than a century. Over the years the Helkama companies have successfully kept abreast of the times, making each of them rank among the leading companies of its kind.

Helkama Bica Oy is a member of Helkama Emotor Group.
Lean Marine Sweden AB was founded by hydrodynamic and marine power control system experts with the mission to improve ship performance and work towards better environmental solutions. Our office is located in Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden.

Our focus is to make a significant difference with fuel saving and reliability for commercial vessels.

Our main core competence is within design and manufacturing of reliable fuel optimization systems and propulsion control systems for ships. Our system solutions are available for new buildings as well as for upgrades of existing vessels.

We have long experience in propulsion control systems, marine power electronic systems, customized marine engineering and hydrodynamics.

We combine our skills to create unique solutions that will significantly increase your ships' operational efficiency and safety.

With several decades of experience in designing state of the art control systems and customized propeller solutions we have the right knowledge to support ship-owners, ship-designers, shipyards and propulsion suppliers. Our mission is to give our customers added value through fuel saving systems

Lion Bulk Handling is, in combination with its well known world class brands, a piponeer and expert in maritime ad portside bulk material handling.


If you are building a new ship or drilling rig, converting an existing ship, equipping an offshore vessel, or simply need spare parts. Lion Bulk Handling is your partner for Bulk Material Solutions. We are moving forward, to support and educate our bulkd handling clients by developing and improving logistic solutions, ensuring material flow.

For over 90 years NORIS has been one of the leading specialists in the fields of instrumentation and automation for the shipbuilding industry, transport technology, machinery and plant engineering.
We develop, produce and sell customised products and solutions both as one-off items and in series for rail and special-purpose vehicles. We equip ships with automation systems for engines, propulsion systems and general marine engineering – everything from a single source and everything made in Germany!

As a privately run family enterprise in the third generation we act quickly and flexibly - namely worldwide. You benefit from flat hierarchies in our company, quick decisions, a worldwide service and sales network as well as a long time product and spare parts availability due to our active obsolescence management.
PETER TABOADA since 1980 is specialiced in the design, manufacturing and marketing with its own technology of water treatment and purification systems for the marine, industrial, pharmaceutic-hospital, and residential markets.

PETER TABOADA since 1980 is specialiced in the design, manufacturing and marketing with its own technology of water treatment and purification systems for the marine, industrial, pharmaceutic-hospital, and residential markets.

PETER TABOADA deals with a wide range of applications in the water treatment field, from working as a consultant for evaluation of projects up to operation and maintenance of water treatment systems.

PETER TABOADA is specialized in:
» Seawater and brackish water desalination.
» Seawater treatment for avoiding biological growth and corrossion.
» Ultrapure water production for hemodialisis and industrial applications.
» Selective separation of water contaminants.
» Water control, maintenance, and purification for cooling systems, boilers, etc
» Well water purification.
» Water pollutants separator.
» Water sterilization by different methods.
» Systems to sterilization and protect perishable products.
As a leading producer of flexible couplings for industrial and marine applications, for power generation and rail applications, CENTA specializes in making challenging projects a reality.
Energy Storage for Hybrid & Electric Ships

Shift Clean Energy provides energy storage solutions to optimize or replace diesel in marine, grid and heavy industrial applications. Shift Clean Energy batteries have been specifically designed for marine and industrial applications: applications where safety, reliability and cost are the most important aspects of a battery system. Shift Clean Energy battery systems are used to power hybrid and fully electric ferries, offshore supply vessels, large hybrid yachts, industrial machinery and in land-based grid energy projects.
Expert of marine-vehicle dynamics since 1986, SIREHNA now brings together some sixty employees in advanced research and offers its multi-domain knowledge in naval hydrodynamics, control-command systems, experimental technologies, multi-criteria optimization and power processes.

Sirehna is present in France and worldwide and offers complete product solutions for controlling surface vessel and submarine movement and trajectory and marine robotics. Its products continuously benefit from the advances in technology research to deliver the best possible response to the customer's needs. Relying on development-cycle control, the different product lines respond to the requirements of marine standards.

SIREHNA's customer references based on both the civil and military markets, demonstrate the capacity to address the most complex problems and respond to the economic constraints imposed by our customers. Amongst the most emblematic of these is the Rudder-roll stabilization system for FREMM Frigates, the stabilization system for the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier and the sale of dynamic positioning systems to the recreational yachting sector or the offshore oil industry.

Relying on a wide range of cutting-edge scientific calculation tools, SIREHNA has a high capacity for numerical simulation in the domain of fluid mechanics and naval hydrodynamics. SIREHNA is a specialist of hydrodynamic testing and also offers a wide range of hydrodynamic testing services both in simulation tanks and on external sites.

SIREHNA has also been involved in numerous collaborative projects, principally international, for over 20 years. These technological research programs form the building blocks of the tools and products of tomorrow.
SK Engineering is a company founded and located in the north of Germany. Our fields of competence are based on twenty-five years of experience in mechanical engineering, mechanical-electrical products and systems as well as several projects in different industries and applications.
Marine Nitrogen Generation Systems
System Design and Application
Nitrogen Generation Systems are available for :
• Chemical and Product Tankers (seagoing vessels)
• Other Tankers (e.g. Inland tankers)
• Controlled Atmosphere applications (e.g. Reefer ships)
Systems for other applications are available on request:
• LNG Gas Carrier
• Platform Supply Vessels
• Ballast Water Treatment
• Void Space Inerting
• Other marine and offshore applications
All systems or components might be adapted to new build or retrofitting projects. If required our systems will be "built to order". Thus we receive best results in space requirement and system performance based on customer's specification and demand.
Scope of Delivery
• Nitrogen Generators (units without compressors)
• NitroGenSets (Nitrogen Generation Systems, complete sets, including compressors)
• Flat type sets (all components mounted on skid e.g. 20 ft flat)
• Fully containerised sets (e.g. in 40 ft HC steel floor container)
• Nitrogen Receiver Tanks/ Air Receivers
• N2 Booster compressors
• N2 Bottle racks
• Components (Valves, Automation, Sensors and Transmitters e.g.)
• Services for Nitrogen Generation Systems
Nitrogen Generation System Technology
• Membrane Technology
• PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) Technology
Compressed Air Technology
• Oil-injected screw type compressors
• Oil-free screw type compressors
• Other compressors depending on project requirements
Technical Data
Nitrogen Production Capacity: max. 10.000 mN3/h at 92-99,999 % Vol.
Nitrogen Pressure: max. 12 bar g
Cooling technology (for compressors and air treatment:
• Fresh Water (max. 38°C)
• Sea Water (max. 32 °C)
• Air cooling (max. 50° C)
The future of antifouling, now Ultrasonic antifouling protection inside and out.

Wherever your vessel is exposed to raw seawater you need to protect against biofouling. On the outside, the build-up of algae, weeds, barnacles and other unwanted marine life will slow you down and increase your fuel bill. On the inside, marine organisms can restrict cooling water and even damage your engine.

SONIHULL – Protecting The Outside Of Your Vessel
Hulls, shafts, propellers, waterjets, stern drives & steering gear

SONIHULL – Protecting The Inside Of Your Vessel
Sea-chests, tanks, keel-coolers, box-coolers, pipework, intakes & valves
SPECS Corporation
SPECS Corporation
The SPECS Corporation is the top leading specialist in Korea in system integration for mechanical. electrical instrumentation of process industry. This system service includes design, installation, and quality sales servicing.
Since the company was established in 1970, SPECS has expanded its market share through its four major organization sectors: Sealing, Fluid control, System and Marine division.
As a top market leader in specialized products such as sealing gaskets, actuators, Valves, UV Systems, calibrators, and infrared instruments etc. as well as oil mist detection system, we have provided ultimate solutions and satisfactory services to customers in most industries. SPECS has made a remarkable growth in the marine industry in Korea from a simple tank gauge to a complex SCADA system.
SPECS recently released specially designed advanced marine equipment such as crank case oil mist detector system as well as new atmospheric OMD in the market.
STI Marine was founded over 25 years ago and manufactures a full line of penetration seals and cable transits for fire-rated bulkheads and decks. STI Marine’s solutions offer the fastest and most cost- effective installation for both water-tight and non-water-tight divisions. With innovative products and a global presence. .

Our Mission

To provide innovative and cost-effective firestop solutions.

Our Core Values

Firestopping and its important role in life safety
Our customers' success and making their experience with us as valuable and enjoyable as possible
Delivering knowledge and outstanding technical support
Maintaining a culture of integrity, caring, respect, flexibility, teamwork, and fun
Developing high-quality, innovative, and environmentally responsible products
Our employees and their personal and professional development
Financially sustainable performance


Caulks, Sealants & Putties
Collars, Wrap Strip & Cast-In
EZ-Path Fire-Rated Pathways
Electrical & DataCom Cabling
Electrical Circuit Protection
Outlet & Panel Box Protection
Large Opening

"Researching, developing and testing, before producing and selling, ensure your future." This guiding principle by the company founder, Immanuel Straub, has set the course for his company, the STRAUB Werke. The company founded as a one-man operation in 1954 has constantly continued to develop. Permanent research and development has led to top-quality products such as springs and pipe couplings. Both of these product groups have become the trademarks of the company and spread its name far beyond the borders of Switzerland.
Fuel consumption monitoring and GPS location tracking of sea or river vessels (ships, boats, dredges) allows shipowners and ship operators to reduce operation costs by minimizing idling time of fleet, preventing fuel theft and improving crew discipline.
Technoton’s telematics system for sea and river watercrafts is based on accurate tools for fuel consumption measurement – DFM and DFM Marine fuel flow meters that are mounted in fuel line of main engine, auxiliary engines, diesel generators and boilers/heaters. It can also include DUT-E fuel level sensors, which are installed in fuel tanks, and MasterCAN DAC i/o modules for gathering signals from standard analog sensors of a ship/boat. Vessel telematics system provide precise information on vessel’s position, real fuel consumption, engine operation hours in different work modes (idle, optimal, overload), possible fuel draining from tank and other necessary operation parameters. Information is gathered and analyzed by CANUp telematics gateway and sent to the web-based ORF4 telematics service, where it can be displayed on virtual dashboard and as tables and charts.
2 Stroke Diesel and Gas Engine

Yesterday and Today

Continuing the long tradition of the Sulzer Diesel Engine business founded in 1893.

Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd. (WinGD) is a leading developer of low-speed gas and diesel engines used for propulsion power in all types of merchant, deep-sea ships, worldwide.

WinGD’s sets the industry standard for reliability, efficiency and environmental sustainability.

WinGD provides design licences and technical support to manufacturers, shipbuilders and ship operators worldwide.

Headquartered in Winterthur, Switzerland,

WinGD employs 353 individuals, from 25 different nations, worldwide.

Sustainable Technology

Total Heat Recovery Plant to increase engine power, reduce overall exhaust emissions and improve total lifecycle costs

Pulse Lubricating Systems for precise cylinder lubrication, reduced lube-oil consumption and lower operating costs

Low-pressure Dual-Fuel capability allowing NOx levels well below Tier III requirements.

Engine Combustion Optimisation: Reduced soot, NOx and CO2 emissions due to improved efficiency and Fuel Actuated Sacless Technology (FAST) nozzles improving fuel efficiency as well.

NOx reduction technologies: In-cylinder measures e.g. Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)

After-treatment systems: Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) for NOx reduction and scrubbers for SOx, soot and particulate removal

Engine Tuning: Lowest CO2 emission at part load condition by Delta, Delta By-Pass & Low Load Tuning

Service and Support
Training: WinGD training courses improve the technical and engine operational skills of marine engineers and technical personnel of Ship Owners, Operators and Charterers.

Service Partners: For engine maintenance support and service, CSSC Marine Service and Wärtsilä Services provide worldwide support. Covering spare parts, field service, workshop reconditioning service, maintenance agreements, technical support and engine upgrade solutions.

Suppliers: External suppliers provide a valuable contribution to our engine performance and service. We value their input, innovation and contribution to our engine design. We pride ourselves in partnering with suppliers with proven, reliable technology and innovation.

Operation Recommendations: With continual monitoring of our engines in performance and analysis of the data we receive, we are able to provide operation recommendations to optimize the performance of your vessel.

Develop technologies to improve engine reliability, increase efficiency, reduce emissions and simplify manufacturing and maintenance to reduce lifecycle costs
» Develop competitive and efficient, environmentally sustainable products
» Ensure delivery of engines to customers
» Support manufacturing and maintain relationships with engine manufacturers
» Marketing and promotion of licensed two-stroke engines (to ship owners, shipyards, licensees, ship design institutes and consultants)



Bulutlu Marine meets SPBES with Turkish Seafarers. SPBES signed a contract with Bulutlu Marine known as one of the successful company in the maritime sector of Turkey. 17.12.2019

Bulutlu Marine meets SPBES with Turkish Seafarers. SPBES signed a contract with Bulutlu Marine known as one of the successful company in the maritime sector of Turkey.

YOU ARE INVITED.Bulutlu Marine, one of the successful companies of the Turkish maritime industry and SPBES, which attracts international attention with its energy storage systems combined their powers. 03.12.2019

YOU ARE INVITED.Bulutlu Marine, one of the successful companies of the Turkish maritime industry and SPBES, which attracts international attention with its energy storage systems combined their powers.

Fuel-Opt Technology: Secure your competitiveness Through Real Time Fuel Optimisation. 24.03.2019

Fuel-Opt Technology: Secure your competitiveness Through Real Time Fuel Optimisation.

X-DF Engines: Leading LNG Propulsion Technology & Operational Experience. 24.03.2019

X-DF Engines: Leading LNG Propulsion Technology & Operational Experience.

Bulutlu Marine, one of the succesfull company in Turkish maritime industry will attend the Nor-Shipping exhibition to be organized between 04-07 June 2019 in OSLO. www.bulutlumarine.com 02.11.2018

Bulutlu Marine, one of the succesfull company in Turkish maritime industry will attend the Nor-Shipping exhibition to be organized between 04-07 June 2019 in OSLO. www.bulutlumarine.com

Bulutlu Marine as a most known company in Maritime Industry will attend the 15th Exposhipping İstanbul International Maritime Exhibition & Congress between 02-05 April 2019. 02.11.2018

Bulutlu Marine as a most known company in Maritime Industry will attend the 15th Exposhipping İstanbul International Maritime Exhibition & Congress between 02-05 April 2019.

An agreement has been concluded with the British Sonihull company for representing ultrasonic anti-fouling systems in Turkey. Sonihull company signed a contract with Bulutlu Marine. 24.10.2018

An agreement has been concluded with the British Sonihull company for representing ultrasonic anti-fouling systems in Turkey. Sonihull company signed a contract with Bulutlu Marine.

An agreement has been concluded between Bulutlu Marine and the firm named WIN GD for sales representation of Diesel and LNG-fuelled two stroke machinery in Turkey 17.10.2018

An agreement has been concluded between Bulutlu Marine and the firm named WIN GD for sales representation of Diesel and LNG-fuelled two stroke machinery in Turkey

The Noris Integrated Alarm and Monitoring system, we produce, has been delivered by completing its HAT and SAT tests under the supervision of Class and shipowner company. 07.10.2018

The Noris Integrated Alarm and Monitoring system, we produce, has been delivered by completing its HAT and SAT tests under the supervision of Class and shipowner company.